Christmas in Care

Emily-Rose Trott
December 28, 2023

Christmas is a warm and magical time of year when families come together in harmony. Christmas is more than just a religious holiday, for most of us here in the UK it is a time to press pause on our busy lives and focus on our families and friends. Christmas is also a time of giving, many of us volunteer, give presents, donate our time and money to those less fortunate than ourselves. Most of us could not imagine spending the Christmas season anywhere but home, with anyone but our families. My last few Christmases have been spent at work. This is the same for care companies up and down the UK unfortunately, in care not all of us can press pause on our busy lives and stop at Christmas, we must press fast forward and work harder with less resources. We do this because without us the some of the vulnerable members of our society will go without. We press fast forward and so will all care companies in the UK. We work over this period for them. Thankfully since we started using Careberry we now have less stress during this period, everything is transparent which reducing the risk of errors over this time. We can provide out of hours support with ease as there is open access to all carers and clients records that I need to support the team and service users. I can see exactly who is running on-time and who is slightly late meaning I can let the clients know when to expect their carer.  

Careberry Software does not remove the daily issues of care, this is the nature of care and is unavoidable, but this software makes it easier to overcome these issues efficiently and safely. I look forward to using Careberry this Christmas and going forward into 2021 to support my clients and carers with ease, precision, and safety.  

Written By
Emily-Rose Trott