CQC's New Inspection and Rating Approach Providing

Hossein Sharifi
December 28, 2023

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has announced plans for a complete overhaul of its inspection and grading system. The new strategy, which is set to be implemented in late 2023, will focus on making the system more flexible and responsive to feedback from care service consumers. This redesign intends to increase openness and quality evaluations, eventually leading to improvements in care services and results for individuals who rely on them.


Innovative Evidence Gathering and Collaboration

CQC will gather data via a number of approaches, including on-site inspections and input from various sources, such as people's experiences with care services, to ensure a complete assessment of care services. CQC hopes to produce a more rigorous and representative assessment of service quality by considering varied viewpoints.


Moreover, the CQC will work with local Healthwatch organisations and Experts by Experience to gather evidence and connect with communities. This collaboration will allow for a more in-depth knowledge of service consumers' requirements and expectations, resulting in more accurate and meaningful reviews.


A New Scoring System for Quality Statements

The revised method will include a grading system that will range from 1 to 4 based on the degree of evidence obtained for each quality statement. The evidence categories that will be utilised to grade each statement will be centred on the elements that are most significant to service consumers. Its emphasis on user-centric criteria ensures that assessments accurately represent what is important to individuals who rely on care services.

The overall score for each service will determine its rating, as follows:

  • Services scoring 4 overall will be rated as "outstanding"
  • Services scoring 3 overall will be rated as "good"
  • Services scoring 2 overall will be rated as "requires improvement"
  • Services scoring 1 overall will be rated as "inadequate"


Benefits of the New System

CQC's revamped inspection and grading system is intended to provide various benefits, including:

Up to Date evaluations: CQC will be better positioned to offer current and accurate assessments of care services if it becomes more flexible and receptive to criticism.

Increased transparency: The new approach will provide clearer and simpler rating judgements, allowing service consumers to make more informed decisions about the care services they receive.

Encouragement of improvements: The CQC's new strategy intends to drive care providers to strive for greater performance on a continual basis, eventually improving outcomes for service consumers.


CQC's new inspection and rating system is a big step towards more responsive and effective care assessments. By embracing multiple evidence sources, partnering with local groups, and concentrating on user-centric criteria, the CQC is well on its way to building a care environment that is more open, accountable, and devoted to providing high-quality services to people in need.

Written By
Hossein Sharifi