From Complex Care To Careberry: A Personal Journey

Sammy To
May 16, 2024

Before early 2023 I hadn’t even been aware that Careberry existed until it was highly recommended to the care provider I was working with at the time as the Business Operations Manager. The  care provider that recommended Careberry spoke highly of the team and system. So we booked in a demo with the team overnight. Ever since then, I’ve not looked back, so I wanted to share how I got into Careberry.

The care provider I previously worked with was very particular with the systems we used. The founder knew what she wanted from a system and did not want to settle. Ultimately we acknowledged that there was no system out there that would be able to meet all of our needs, unless we created a system ourselves. We had gone through so many of the systems that most people are familiar with, and even some that are newly established – yet none seemed to fit us and what we wanted. Every year we’d have multiple system changes which had been tough for our workforce to adapt to as well as being costly and time consuming.  

In comes Careberry – the system that provides an all-in-one solution, eliminating the need for multiple apps, other systems (we all know that having multiple apps is quite taxing for our workforce!) Careberry saved us from paying out for another HR app, care coordination app, rostering app and gave us features that we didn’t even think to ask for.

Careberry doesn’t tie you down to long term contracts, so we were able to trial the system without having to commit ourselves long term which was an absolute godsend as we usually found that once we signed a contract with a software company and invested our time and money into the software, that’s when we would find faults in the systems we previously used, this lead to us having to pay hefty costs to come out of the contract early.  

The team at Careberry were so attentive and we always got to speak to someone on the other end of the phone, they were responsive and made sure we got it right from beginning.  Never have I had an issue with Careberry that hadn’t been resolved and/or solution provided. An absolute first class quality customer service. No more having to wait for the days long responses from those emails because the system doesn’t give out telephone numbers – the cherry on-top of a fantastic system! I was so impressed with Careberry and the team that I started recommending them to other providers that I came in touch with.  

One organisation I introduced to Careberry had a demo and instantly loved the system, captivated by its functionality without needing any sales pitch from me (I let the system speak for itself!). It was a refreshing departure from their previous experiences with other systems. My consistent referrals to Careberry had made me well-known among their team. When the opportunity arose to join the Careberry team, I didn't hesitate for a moment. Now, I find myself a proud member of a team I've long admired.  

The Careberry team has welcomed me with open arms, creating a close-knit family atmosphere that makes me feel like I've been here for much longer than I have! I'm honoured to be part of a team that genuinely prioritises and listens to its customers. Looking ahead, I'm excited about the opportunities Careberry has in store. During my time here, I've noticed that many team members, both in the office and in customer support, come from a care background. This means they have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by care providers. Additionally, I've found it easy to transfer my skills from care to Careberry, just as many others have done. I firmly believe that my values align with Careberry's, especially their commitment to honesty, transparency, and respecting what matters most to our customers.

Written By
Sammy To