Security With Care Management Systems

Ben Howard
December 28, 2023

In today's world, the need for cybersecurity has become increasingly critical. Safeguarding clients' confidential data is a must when implementing care management software. Careberry, our comprehensive home care management is an excellent example of how care providers can ensure their software is secure.


It is essential for care providers to recognize the importance of implementing robust security measures in their care management software. The potential consequences of a data breach can be severe, including financial penalties, legal action, reputational damage, and loss of trust from clients and their families. The sensitive nature of the information stored in care management software makes it an attractive target for hackers, making it crucial for care providers to take appropriate measures to secure their systems.


1. Identity Server: Careberry's use of the Identity Server, which is widely regarded as the most advanced and complete server of its kind, provides the highest level of security possible for its users. Identity Server enables users to configure their own security levels, and the platform can monitor the security of their data based on users' behaviour, devices, IP addresses, location, and geographical boundaries. This level of security would typically be too expensive for small care companies to implement, but Careberry has managed to offer it to our customers free of charge as part of their software package. 


2. Penetration Testing: Careberry also conducts frequent penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities and security weaknesses. This testing is performed by a team of experts who attempt to breach the system using various methods. By doing so, Careberry can proactively address any vulnerabilities that may be present in the system before they can be exploited by attackers.


3. SSL: The platform also uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to protect all data transmitted between users and the platform. SSL ensures that sensitive information, such as login credentials and personal data, is encrypted and protected from unauthorized access during transmission.


4. 2FA: Careberry goes beyond the standard security features by offering additional security measures, including two-factor authentication (2FA). 2FA is a security process in which users must provide two forms of identification before accessing their accounts. This added layer of security can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access. The platform also provides the option for users to utilize authentication apps, which generate a one-time code for users to enter when logging in. This process helps ensure that only authorized users can access the platform, further reducing the risk of a security breach.


5. Microsoft Azure Front Door: Careberry also utilizes Microsoft Azure Front Door to enhance the security and performance of the platform. Azure Front Door is a global, scalable network service that provides secure and fast delivery of web applications. Azure Front Door works by acting as a reverse proxy, routing traffic to the closest available backend server based on the user's location. This not only improves the performance of the platform by reducing latency but also helps to protect against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. By routing traffic through Azure Front Door, the platform is shielded from malicious traffic and can better handle sudden spikes in traffic. Azure Front Door also offers SSL offload, which reduces the load on the platform's servers by handling SSL encryption and decryption at the edge of the network.


6. UK Servers: Careberry ensures that its databases and servers are hosted in the UK, which ensures compliance with UK data protection laws and regulations. The platform also encrypts all data stored on its servers to protect against unauthorized access. By hosting its databases and servers in the UK and using encryption, Careberry adds an additional layer of security to its platform and ensures that its users' data is protected.

7. IP Blocking: Careberry also includes IP blocking, which allows users to restrict access to their accounts from specific IP addresses. This feature helps prevent unauthorized access from known malicious sources, adding another layer of security to the platform.


8. Cyber Essentials Plus Certification: Careberry has achieved Cyber Essentials Plus certification, which demonstrates its compliance with industry standards for cybersecurity. The certification is a government-backed scheme that helps organizations guard against the most common cyber threats and confirms that appropriate security controls are in place. By achieving this certification, Careberry has demonstrated its commitment to maintaining a high level of security for its platform and ensuring that it meets industry standards for cybersecurity. This certification provides additional reassurance to clients that their sensitive data is being protected according to recognized best practices.


9. Permission Based Access: Careberry provided an option to providers to use permission based access to ensure that only authorized personnel can access sensitive data. The platform uses permission based access, which allows administrators to assign roles and permissions to different users based on their responsibilities and the data they need to access. This approach ensures that users only have access to the data necessary for their job functions, reducing the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive information. By implementing strict access controls, Careberry adds an additional layer of protection to its platform, helping to prevent data breaches and other security incidents.


10. Regular Software Updates and Patches: Another crucial aspect of maintaining the security of care management software is to ensure that it is regularly updated and patched. Software updates often include important security fixes and vulnerability patches that can address known security issues and prevent potential cyber attacks. One of the main reasons that software companies are breached is due to them using unsupported software or pirated applications. At Careberry, we understand the importance of keeping our software up-to-date and secure. That's why we are committed to regularly updating and patching our platform to ensure that it remains secure and up-to-date. By doing so, we can help our clients stay protected against potential cyber threats and safeguard their clients' confidential information.


In conclusion, the security of care management software is crucial to ensure the protection of clients' confidential information from potential cyber threats. Careberry offers a comprehensive platform that provides the highest level of security available in the industry, with features such as Identity Server, frequent penetration testing, SSL encryption, 2FA, authentication apps, IP blocking, Microsoft Azure, and Cyber Essentials Plus certification. By utilizing these advanced security measures, care providers can rest assured that they are taking the necessary steps to safeguard their clients' data. Careberry's commitment to security allows care providers to focus on providing excellent care to their clients without worrying about potential data breaches or security incidents. 

Written By
Ben Howard