The Right Care Management Software: the Path to CQC Outstanding!

Hossein Sharifi
December 28, 2023

When we made Careberry available to other care providers, I knew that as a Care Provider, we would be able to give value to any other care provider that used it. On the other hand, I was a little worried that other care providers might regard Care & Carers as a competitor and overlook the benefits of a system created by a care provider! Well, the minor apprehension was unfounded! One of the key reasons other care providers use Careberry is that it was built by a care provider! Every care provider that has chosen Careberry has made a significant contribution to the system! Our experience has shown that the platform improves dramatically with each new provider that joins. As a result, we consider our customers to be partners. I've listed three reasons why this cooperation is beneficial to both parties and can help care providers utilise Careberry achieve CQC Outstanding ratings:

  1. A toolbox with the proper tools: Care management systems function as a toolbox in several ways. Assume you hire a toolbox builder to create a toolbox for you, and you provide them with your specifications. Now assume you discover a toolbox builder and collaborate with them to create a toolbox for you. Assessment, with its vital components such as equipment and transfer, nutritional requirements and personal care, medication management, incident reporting, recruiting, and rostering, all require the use of appropriate tools. All of these were required in order for Care & Carers to operate safely and efficiently. We see them as the foundation of Careberry, and we're always working to improve them since it's the only way we'll be able to provide Outstanding service.
  2. Seeing your treasure as our treasure: We recognise the significance of a recommendation the instant it is made by a care provider. Six years ago, one of our partners made a recommendation to their previous Care Management Platform supplier. There was nothing done about it. During their onboarding, we adopted that idea! These are some of the changes we've made to Careberry as a result of feedback from Careberry partners: adding the Cream Chart to the MARs Chart, allowing the system to have more than one key safe PINs as some clients live in supported housing where there are two key safe boxes in place, adding the Carers' itinerary to the rostering, adding capacity status, adding the priority Matrix (disaster/emergency plan), capability to generate MARs chart in pdf and Excel sheet, capability to bill multi- authorities for the same client (for example, 20% Buckinghamshire Council and 70% CCG and 10% private).  
  3. Last week, we gave a Careberry demonstration to a registered manager who has received three CQC Outstanding Ratings in a row. She had looked at several Care Management Platforms before deciding on Careberry. She offered two comments at the end of the demo. She first stated that Careberry is the most complete and practical Care Management Software she has encountered, and then she asked if we would be willing to integrate some of her ideas that have helped her achieve outstanding, to which we replied, "Of course!"

Finally, our major goal is to offer a care management platform that helps our partners achieve an outstanding CQC rating, since we believe that every care provider and person who enters care has the desire to deliver exceptional care! 

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Written By
Hossein Sharifi