Updates That Matter to Care Providers

Hossein Sharifi
December 28, 2023

Alongside Careberry, we run a multi-award-winning home care service and a care home. As a result, we receive feedback on a daily basis from carers, care managers, clients and their families. Furthermore, Careberry customers regularly provide us with feedback and wish lists, as well as ideas. Thus, our updates aim to make the lives of care providers easier. Some of the updates we have released recently include:


1) Task Matrix: we know from past experience that an obsession with CQC compliance can distract us from paying attention to clients' true wishes. It takes considerable time to ensure all the client's care plans and documents are up-to-date. Equally important, if not more important, are the documents that ensure a safe recruitment process. To ensure compliance, we created the Task Matrix. When a carer's DBS is updated, it turns green, and when a car insurance expires, Careberry sends an alert. Care plans, references, training courses, etc., all fall under this category. It saves time and money and makes the service very safe!


2) Training: During the inspection, CQC will request a training matrix. Maintaining training records is crucial. Records that are accurate can indicate that the care provided is of a high quality and is safe. Our dynamic training section enables care providers to list mandatory and non-mandatory training courses so their carers can update their training as they complete them. This section is automatically updated and reflected via Task Matrix so you can view at a glance what is happening with your training.


3) Filtering Care Notes: Time is precious. As a care manager, you may want to see all the care notes that have been highlighted by carers for your attention over the past 72 hours. Or you may want to know how many showers a client has had over the past two weeks. Our updates make this possible


4) Reviews & Feedback: Clients can write a review of every visit, and our experience shows that both the client and the caregiver find it valuable. Before, carers could only see the final star rating. New updates allow care companies to reply to clients and release feedback so carers can see it on their mobile app. We have noticed our customers post these feedback on their social media accounts and their carers and clients love them.


Feedback from our customers is valuable to us, so please keep sending us your feedback and suggestions. It is our goal to make Careberry the best care management platform for both home care providers and care homes.

Written By
Hossein Sharifi