Updates That Matter to Care Providers - Part 2

Hossein Sharifi
December 28, 2023

We developed a care management software, which we use to run our own care businesses. As a result, we are regularly upgrading it. A short search of the App Store or Google Play Store for other care management systems will reveal how frequently Careberry is updated in comparison to other care management platforms. The majority of Careberry updates are centered on features that are extremely important to caregivers. The following are the updates we've made this week:


1) Care Policies and Procedures: Care is a regulated industry. Both care homes and home care providers must have policies and procedures in place and make them available to carers, office staff, and clients. Careberry is the only care management platform with a library where care providers can post their policies and procedures and make them available to their carers using Careberry mobile app! This will make inducting carers much easier and may aid CQC compliance. You will also help the environment by avoiding the need to print your care policies on paper!


2) Report Dictation: Carers are pressed for time! Even spending a few minutes composing a report can take time. As a result, we've incorporated service report dictation, which allows carers to speak while Careberry types it straight into clients' accounts and makes it available in real time to care managers, families, and clients.


3) Suspending Clients or Carers: It may be necessary to suspend a client or a carer. Careberry users can now suspend a client or a carer and schedule future services for them. A client, for example, may go to the hospital and return home at any time. You schedule the service and assign carers to wait for the client to be discharged. The reservations will run in the background, and you can activate them as needed. If your assigned carers are assigned to other care calls, Careberry will notify you when the client is unsuspended.


4) Spell Checking: Within care notes, misspellings are widespread. We've incorporated spell checking to Careberry to assist and reduce misspellings by checking the report automatically.


Feedback from our customers is valuable to us, so please keep sending us your feedback and suggestions. It is our goal to make Careberry the best care management platform for both home care providers and care homes.

Written By
Hossein Sharifi