Updates That Matter to Care Providers - Part 4

Hossein Sharifi
December 28, 2023

How frequently a care management software is updated demonstrates the software provider's dedication to enhancing the system and listening to client feedback. As a care provider, we are aware that even seemingly insignificant details may have a significant impact on how well a service is handled. 


Below are a few updates that we have done to Careberry which will make a massive difference in the day-to-day running of a care business: 

1. Choose to Care Visit Feature: Some of the care companies who use Careberry have informed us that occasionally caregivers may need to rearrange the sequence of their visits to fit the requirements of their clients, regardless of how precise their care schedule is. We’ve, therefore, made the booking flexible to enable caregivers to switch visits on the day without involving the office staff. The care companies that use Careberry may enable or disable the Choose to Care option. By including this feature, a caregiver will be able to start a care visit that is scheduled for 10 AM before an 8 AM visit. Care providers can completely turn off this function if they do not want to use it. 


2. Training Matrix:  Our training matrix has been enhanced to enable care providers to create a training matrix for both mandatory and non-mandatory training courses. This will aid care providers in gathering and presenting data for the CQC and other regulatory authorities. Additionally, healthcare professionals might decide how frequently a training course has to be updated. Planning your training program will become somewhat automated as a result, saving time. 


3. Reasons for leaving a care provider's employment: A report on the reasons care staff leave is frequently helpful. Do they often leave their job because they have to drive or because there isn't enough support? If you are aware that the majority of your caregivers go to other providers, you can consider taking action to buck the trend. Thus, when a caregiver quits their role, you can document the reason for them doing so and upload an exit interview to their profile as documentation.  


4. Writing reports offline: A care management platform's offline accessibility is a delicate and difficult process. Data management entails serious security threats. We've made it possible for caregivers to write their notes offline as part of our strategy to make Careberry available offline. We will enable the whole carers’ mobile app to work offline in the next phase. 


5. Decoupling of our Rostering & Accounting:  Timesheets and invoices were produced instantly by Careberry in the past. As soon as a caregiver finished a visit, for instance, the visit's timing was recorded to their timesheets. The same applied to billing. According to our customers’ feedback, real-time automation of timesheets and invoicing was not a priority for them. As a result, we separated accounting from care delivery while maintaining automation. Depending on the invoicing and the payroll cycles for the care providers, invoices and timesheets are automatically issued. If necessary, they can also create invoices manually. We can now add more features to our accounting section thanks to the upgrade. For instance, we are aware that certain service providers need the ability to bill for ad hoc services without first scheduling them in the system.  They may also need to add a prior booking to their schedules and send an invoice for it. 


Feedback from our customers is valuable to us, so please keep sending us your feedback and suggestions. It is our goal to make Careberry the best care management platform for both home care providers and care homes. 

Written By
Hossein Sharifi