What Makes Careberry Unique!

Hossein Sharifi
December 28, 2023

Identifying the needs of a targeted customer is a challenge. Figuring out how to meet those needs is even a bigger challenge.  For us Careberry was born out of necessity. Every single feature in Careberry was a solution to the problems that kept us awake at night. When you run a home care service you understand the joy of knowing that your carers have left for their planned visits, safely arrived at their destination, and successfully completed their visits. That is why Careberry was designed to do just that for us.

A good care management software should be easy to use for care workers, for care managers/coordinators and for the cared for and their families. From the moment we began designing Careberry  to the whole process of testing and then deploying Careberry we’ve had outputs and feedback from our excellent carers, clients and their families which has led to refining and simplifying our multi-award winning care management platform.

We knew it would be extremely difficult to build an all-inclusive care management platform, but we felt it was the only way to bring joy to owning and managing a home care company. It may sound selfish, but we wanted to make our job stress-free and joyful. That is why Careberry was built to take care of rostering, care planning, care monitoring, recruitment, invoicing, timesheets, reporting and even policies and procedures. There is simply no other Care Management Platform to do all these and even if it comes it will not be born out of our unique hands-on experience.

For us as a home care provider, value, efficiency, and cost were important. That is why Careberry was designed to reduce the cost of recruitment, speed up the process of recruiting a carer and getting them ready for their role.

When you run a business, cash is king. That is why Careberry was designed to make cash collection easy and straightforward. The moment a carer clicks on the end button’ the cost of the visit is added to the client’s invoice and the wages of the carer is calculated. Moreover, Go Cardless was incorporated to collect money effortlessly.

If a home care provider feels that a new feature can benefit them it is very likely that the same feature would benefit us too. Therefore, we waste no time in adding it to Careberry. In fact, we have so far added several excellent features to Careberry for exactly that reason.

We believe if a product is good customers will keep using it. That is why our customers are free with no ties to stay with us. We are that confident in our product!

Written By
Hossein Sharifi