A Bird's-eye view on your care service

With our live care monitoring feature, you will always be confident that carers are on their way to every client on time! When a carer raises an alert or has a delay in clocking in & out, you'll receive immediate notifications to ensure you're constantly up to speed, and never miss anything!

Keep track of where your carers are clocking in and out from using Google Maps to guarantee that all your visits are attended to. This allows care providers to verify that care workers are at the right location, ensuring both clients & care workers are safe and sound.

Recording & Reporting

Carers can write and record notes that are immediately added to each client's file, allowing them to retain a clean record of each visit. Carers can raise immediate alerts to guarantee your care managers are notified of all issues quickly and seamlessly.

Working in low signal areas? Careberry has reporting offline! You can write your reports in real-time, and they will sync once your device has an internet connection.

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