Paperless & Time-Saving

Build your care plans with ease by using our care planning feature! Rather than being obliged to use a predefined template, you can customize your business’s care plans, expressing your unique touch. Put your clients first with our digital assessments that help you create a person-centered care plan tailored to their specific needs.

Save time and money by using digital care plans instead of paper evaluations and tedious form filling. All information is uploaded and kept automatically on the client's profile.

Always Up To Date!

Carers can access care plans from anywhere, whenever they need them, ensuring all your care workers are up to date in real-time. With our live updating function, your Care Plans will always be current, ensuring that nothing is missed, even that last-minute change you didn’t think you had time to handover!

Care notes can be updated wherever the carer is, ensuring efficient time-saving! Any service reports written will be immediately added to the client's care plan and uploaded to Careberry for review by the nominated care manager, family members, and other carers! Both families and care managers can check notes in real-time, saving needless calls from family, they will always be in the loop with their own portal access!

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