Incident Management, Made Straightforward.

Are you having trouble keeping track of your incidents across different branches? Or maybe you're having trouble reading handwritten paperwork? Careberry can help you!

No one will be kept in the dark! Care Managers will be notified as soon as an incident is recorded. With our built-in reporting tools, staff can fill out any information required about the incident, down to the last detail, and send it straight to management for action.

No Detail Spared!

Every carer can use the incident form tool at any time, from any location, straight from within their app! Saving time and paper! The form is broken down into three easy steps, guiding the carer through every detail greatly reducing human error!

Use the integrated Body Map for accurate recording and reporting of any injuries! This helps to ensure that incident reporting is as safe and efficient as possible. Users can also upload a picture to go alongside the body map. Never worry about compliance, as the intergrated incident forms have the ability to be exported, tracked, signed off. You can always go back and mark any actions as completed!

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