Never make a mistake again!

Our eMAR function makes maintaining your clients' medications a breeze! You'll get notified when medicine has run out, or been refused, allowing you to always stay on top of everything!!

Careberry will give you access to the NHS Database, which contains over 50,000 medications in one place. This significantly reduces medication mistakes, allowing seamless eMAR updates. Carers will also be able to access this and add medications for you! They will of course need to be signed off by appointed managers before being released to the eMAR.

At the touch of a button

Allow your carers to mark medicines off at the touch of a button with the Careberry Mobile App! You can eliminate risks, audit quickly, and keep track of everything in one convenient location with instant visibility!

Carers can use the Careberry App to check when a client's medication is due and keep up to date with any changes in their medication routine. With a comprehensive view of every medication, you can easily enforce the Rights of Medication administration; Right to Decline, Right Dose, Right Medication, Right Person, Right Time, Right Route.

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