Careberry's Journey: A Semi-Finalist in the Care Innovation Challenge

July 3, 2023
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Innovation is essential to enhancing people's lives and changing the way care is provided in the ever-changing environment of the care sector. Being chosen as a semi-finalist in the Care Innovation Challenge is a tremendous accomplishment for our passionate and committed team. This competition, which is being run by the National Care Forum in association with Coventry University wants to encourage ground-breaking concepts that will revolutionise the care industry.  


In order to create a Smart Pricing Model that will enable consistent and long-term care and support delivery to individuals, our team will collaborate with a variety of stakeholders during this competition, including those who require care and support, care providers, and business owners. The Smart Pricing Model will increase pricing transparency, fostering communication between the care provider and those in need of help and care. We firmly believe it will change the price structure and result in a sustainable method of providing care, preventing the misery of care breakdown. 


The Care Innovation Challenge has been made possible thanks in large part to the National Care Forum, a significant organisation in the UK that represents not-for-profit care providers. They have been instrumental in fostering innovation and collaborations thanks to their considerable industry expertise and dedication to providing the best possible care.  

The presence and assistance of the mentors and judges from Coventry University, Care Quality Commission (CQC), Think Local Act Personal, Home Instead, Marrgo, Care Friends, and specific people with experience using care and support further enriched Careberry's journey to becoming a semi-finalist. 


As we prepare to attend Care Shaw on October 11–12, 2023, when we will make the final presentation of our ground-breaking innovation, we can hardly contain our excitement. 

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