Introducing: Permission Based Access

November 30, 2022
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When running a care service, it is critical to ensure that your team only has access to information that is essential to their position, more so than ever in care! This can be a huge worry for business owners as you may not want specific members of your team to have access to things like invoicing and employee rates, hence its crucial for care providers to have the ability to limit this access. This is where our all-in-one care management platform, Careberry comes in! You may think that having everything in one place means everyone can access everything. Wrong! Here at Careberry HQ, we have planned ahead and are delighted to announce the latest feature to our platform, Introducing Permission Based Access!  

Care providers can now use Permissions to restrict admins' access to certain resources such as invoicing, recruitment, and more! We have thought off all the finer details for you allowing you to change your team's permission with one simple click. We know first-hand how quickly things can change, so don’t worry nothing is permanent! You can allow access to any of the restricted features at any time.  


We love making your day-to-day as easy and possible and are confident permission will do just that! 


If you're interested to learn more about this exciting feature do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly team.  


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