Shaping the Future of Care: With Microsoft's Help!

July 8, 2022
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Careberry Software is a comprehensive Care Management platform that has advanced significantly in a competitive market. Hossein Sharifi, the owner, and founder bleeds innovation, especially in the healthcare industry! It wasn't simple to lead the development of Careberry while operating a prosperous home care agency during a pandemic. 

We are happy to report that his efforts were not in vain! Recently, Hossein was granted access to the Microsoft founder's hub. By doing this, Careberry gains access to;

  • $150,000 of Microsoft's cloud computing platform, Azure. 
  • Access to innovative businesses like Open AI, Drata and more
  • Free Training and Support for IT Team 

We are extremely happy about the opportunities this opens up for us and for Carberry's promising future! We whole-heartily congratulate Hossein.  

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